Training Department

Roles and Functions of the Training Department

The Training Department's role in the Brigade is one that is very integral to the development of the Brigade. The Training Department of the Brigade is that arm of the Brigade with responsibly for the training of the men and women who enter the profession of firefighting within its organization. Persons desirous of becoming firefighters are required to undergo a basic firefighting techniques training course carried out by theTraining Department. During this basic training, instructors; train, assess and make recommendations for successful participants to become firefighters. The Department also prepare and conduct promotional exercises for firefighters seeking to enter the sub-officer and the junior officer corps. One of the most important role of the Department is that of researching and developingof old and new materials which are very important to the Brigade's role of "Saving Lives and Protecting Property".

Training Programmes

Srl. Name Of Programme Award Duration
1 Basic Fire Fighting Techniques Certificate 12 Weeks
2 Motor Vehicle Extrication Certificate 1 Week
3 High Rise Building Fires Certificate 1 Week
4 First Aid Certificate 4 Weeks
5 Breathing Apparatus Drills Certificate 1 Week
6 Hose Drills Certificate 1 Week
7 Ladder Drills Certificate 1 Week
8 Fire Prevention Officer Certificate 4 Weeks
9 Junior Officer Development Certificate 1 Week
9 Senior Officer Development Certificate 1 Week
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