St. Ann's Bay Fire Station Rededicated

The St. Ann's Bay Fire Station was constructed in 1951 and was just a small building that accommodated at the time 24 fire-fighters and one fire engine. While the structure was upgraded over the years, the decision to have it refurbished now was inevitable as the building was suffering from several physical problems. Some of the challenges being faced by fire-fighters here were overcrowding, inadequate kitchen and storage facilities, lack of office space and severe dust nuisance.

Firefighting is an ultra hazardous and dangerous activity so having the right infrastructure in place to offer this type of service is very important. Consequently, it was without uncertainty that this fire station was selected for the 2014 National Labour Day Project activity and it was from that initiative that all this work was executed.

Scope of Work

The main scope of work included the following:

• Construction of a 225sqft office with bathroom facility for the Divisional Commander.

• Improved kitchen facility.

• Construction of a 350sqft storeroom.

• Construction of a new office space for Watch Commanders.

• Painting of building internally and externally.

• Installation of new A/c units.

• Electrical rewiring of the building.

• Paving of the yard.


The completion of this eagerly awaited project was accomplished with funding from the Jamaica Fire Brigade budget, Corporate entities and the general citizenry. It is only through partnership that we could launch successful projects like this.

• Mr. John Valentine, Manager of Premix Jamaica Limited pledged and donated 20 Cu. yds of concrete amounting to more than a quarter of a million Jamaican dollars in savings.

• Skilled firefighters from across Jamaica contributed valuable time and effort during the construction process.

Cost of project

As a cost saving initiative, fire fighters with the requisite competencies were identified and their skills utilized on the project. With their intervention and endowment from stakeholders, the project cost Seven Million, Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars ($7,800,000). The firefighter's intervention allowed us to realize savings of more than One Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars.

Implementation / Oversight

The project was completely monitored by the Brigades Building Officer to ensure tha;t

• It was kept within budget.

• It was completed against the descriptions and rates specified.

• All deliverables are undertaken with the interest of the Firefighters at heart.

However, the work at the St. Ann's Bay Fire Station will continue in order to address the perimeter fence and expansion for more living space which will require and welcome additional stakeholder's support.

The Jamaica Fire Brigade must say thanks to you uniformed and non-uniformed staff of the Jamaica Fire Brigade for their commitment and hard work, Mr. John Valentine, Manager of Premix Jamaica Limited for his contribution and also a special thank you to Mr. Carl Drummond and his team from the Ministry of Local Government. We are looking forward for continued collaboration with community groups and corporate Jamaica in designing solutions that will move the country forward as we strive for the modernization and transformation of the Jamaica Fire Brigade into a world class Fire and Rescue Service.

Project overview prepared by: Senior Deputy Superintendent Andrew Russell

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