Port Royal Fire Station Rededicated

Operations at Port Royal Fire Station came to an end in April 2012 after it was revealed that the entire roof canopy of the station was made of materials containing asbestos, this disclosure was confirmed by a series of assessment conducted by Notchline Traders limited.

Asbestos is classed as hazardous hence, for the safety of workers and members of the community, only a trained professional with the requisite experience and expertise must undertake this task. In keeping with the Government of Jamaica procurement policy, this project was awarded to Pro SWAT Limited after a rigorous and timely bidding process.

Scope of Work

The main scope of work included the following:

• Removal, transportation and disposal of asbestos roofing materials

• Vacuuming of existing timber frame to manage remaining particles from becoming airborne.

• Replacement of roof with specially coated .45mm Alu steel sheeting.

• Creation of female quarters from existing barrack room to solve shared space issues.

• Repainting of entire building

• Electrical and plumbing work to a lesser extent.

For the first time in the 61 years since this station was constructed; female firefighters will now be assigned at this location.


The completion of this eagerly awaited project was accomplished with funding provided by the Ministry of Local Government & Community Development and through coherent collaboration between the Ministry, the Jamaica Fire Brigade, Corporate entities and the general citizenry. "It is only through partnerships that we are able to launch successful project.

• Mr. Carl Drummond and Dwight Wilson Ministry of Local Gov. who have dedicated time to ensuring that the project went well.

• Mr. Strickland Sterling, manager of sterling roofing allowed us to realized savings of over 100,000.00

• Mr. Junior Mason and, member of the community pledged valuable time and maintained a twenty four hour security presence at the station.

Cost of project

As a cost saving initiative, fire fighters with the requisite competencies were identified by the project manager and their skills utilized on the project. With their intervention and endowment from stakeholders, the project cost Three Million, Two Hundred Thousand Dollars ($3,200,000).

Implementation / Oversight

The removal of the asbestos was implemented by the Jamaica Fire Brigade based on technical supervision from various government agencies; The disposal and handling of the materials was a matter of great concern to the Ministry of Health as well as well as the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) in that, the following guidelines had to be adhered to: A Work Plan indicating the intention to remove, transport and dispose of the asbestos was submitted to NEPA for approval prior to the commencement of the activity

. Upon approval of the Work Plan, NEPA and Ministry of Health was given at least five (5) days notification in advance of the commencement of the planned activities to facilitate effective monitoring and evaluation of these activities.

Oversight was also given by the technical services team, Ministry of Local Government & Community Development. The Brigade's Building Officer systematically monitored the project to ensure that:

• It was kept within budget

• The project was completed against the descriptions and rates included in the contract.

• Work was done according to NEPA requirements.

• Progress claims and payments were legitimate and that

• All deliverables were undertaken with the interest of the Firefighters at heart.

The Asbestos, once removed was containerized for transport and disposal in a 6-mm thick 40 foot container.

The Jamaica Fire Brigade must say thanks to the Project Manager and his team for their commitment and support as we encourage you to continue to work hard. Also the Technical Services team at the Ministry. The JFB looks forward to continued collaboration with community groups and corporate Jamaica in designing solutions that will move the country forward as we strive for the modernization and transformation of the Fire Brigade into a world class Fire and Rescue Service.
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